Solidago petiolaris Ait. - Goldenrod

Solidago petiolaris plant

Family - Asteraceae


Solidago petiolaris stem


Solidago petiolaris leaves




Solidago petiolaris involucre


Solidago petiolaris flowersClose-up of the flowers.

Flowering - September - November.

Habitat - Pinelands, upland woods, flatwoods, bogs, bay swamps, rock outcrops, bluffs, rocky open woods. Typically on acidic soils.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This species can be found mainly in the south and central portions of Alabama. The plant is found on acidic soils. The inforescence is often more cylindric than in the photo above.
This species can be identified by its sessile leaves, pubescent stems, and spreading phyllaris.
The genus name Solidago derives from the Latin "solidus" meaning "whole" or "to make whole" and the Greek "ago" meaning "leader". The name Solidago means "uniter (used as a healing medicine)".
The species epithet petiolaris derives from the Latin "petiol" meaning "a stalk or petiole". This name is perhaps mis-given as most of the the leaves of the plant are sub-sessile to sessile or only short-petiolate at best.

Alabama Distribution:

Solidago petiolaris map

Photographs taken in the Tuskegee Natinal Forest, AL., 10-12-04.

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