Rhynchosia reniformis DC.

Rhynchosia reniformis plant

Family - Fabaceae




Rhynchosia reniformis leaves




Rhynchosia reniformis flower

Flowering - May - September.

Habitat - Sandhills, dry woods, pine flatwoods, clearings.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This small species can be found mainly in the southern half of Alabama in counties which contain sandy soil. The plant grows to about 25cm tall and is easy to identify becasue of its orbicular to reniform leaves, yellow flowers, and habitat.
The genus name Rhynchosia derives from the Greek "rhynch(o)" meaning "a beak, snout" referring to the keel of the flowers.
The species epithet reniformis derives from the Latin "ren(i)" meaning "a kidney" and "form(a)" meaning "shape" referring to the shape of the leaves.

Alabama Distribution:

Rhynchosia reniformis map

Photographs taken at Fort Benning, GA., 5-15-05.

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