Aeschynomene indica L. - Southern Joint Vetch

Aeschynomene indica plant

Family - Fabaceae


Aeschynomene indica stem


Aeschynomene indica stipuleStipule of leaf.


Aeschynomene indica inflorescence


Aeschynomene indica calyxCalyx.

Aeschynomene indica flower

Aeschynomene indica fruitDeveloping fruit.

Flowering - July - November.

Habitat - Ditches, marshes, disturbed wet areas, lake and pond margins.

Origin - Native to North America. Also found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Old and New World.

Other information - This species can be found in southern Alabama. The plant can be identified by its erect stems, many leaflets per leaf, and stiped fruits. The leaflets range in size from 2.5-13mm long and 1-2.5mm broad and have a single midrib (median nerve). The flowers are pale yellow and the fruits have segments ranging in size from 4-5mm wide.
The genus name Aeschynomene derives from the Greek "aesch(yn)" meaning "causing shame." The name is given becasue some species have leaflets which fold together when touch or disturbed.
The species epithet indica derives from the Latin "indic" meaning "Indian" referring to the plants origin (the West Indes).

Alabama Distribution:

Aeschynomene indica map

Photographs taken at Arkansas Post National Memorial, AR., 8-31-06.

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