Chamaesyce cordifolia (Elliot) Small - Heartleaf Sandmat

Chamaesyce cordifolia plant

Family - Euphorbiaceae


Chamaesyce cordifolia stem


Chamaesyce cordifolia leaves

Chamaesyce cordifolia stipulesStipule close-up.




Chamaesyce cordifolia flowersWhite flowers.

Chamaesyce cordifolia flowersFlowers showing white, light-pink, and dark pink shades.

Chamaesyce cordifolia capsuleCapsule.

Flowering - June - November.

Habitat - Sandhills, disturbed sites.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This little species can be found in the southern 1/3 of Alabama in sandy habitats. The plant can be identified by its glabrous fruits and stems, fimbriate stipules, white and pink flowers, and prostrate habit. The stems bleed a milky sap when broken.
The genus name Chamaesyce derives from the Latin "cham(ae)" meaning "on the ground, low" and the Greek "syc" meaning "fig" collectively meaning "ground fig", which is the common name for the genus.
The species epithet cordifolia derives from the Latin "cord(i)" meaning "heart" and "foli" meaning "a leaf" referring to the heart-shaped base of the leaves.

Alabama Distribution:

Chamaesyce cordifolia map

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 10, Lee County, AL., 10-2-04.

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