Zeuxine strateumatica (L.) Schltr. - Lawn Orchid, Soldier's Orchid

Zeuxine strateumatica plant

Family - Orchidaceae






Zeuxine strateumatica inflorescence


Zeuxine strateumatica flowers

Flowering - November - March.

Habitat - Lawns, open grassy sites, flower beds, disturbed sites.

Origin - Native to Asia.

Other information - This little species has been reported from only one coastal Alabama county thus far. It may be more common but the plant is easy to miss becasue of its small size and short growing period. The plant blooms and dies very quickly. Two (or more) new plants will arise from the base of the dead plant. It sometimes takes years for the new plants to grow. In areas where the plant is well established it can be quite attractive despite the fact that the plants only grow to about +/-10cm tall.
The genus name Zeuxine derives from the Greek "zeuxi" meaning "a joining" referring to ?.
The species epithet strateumatica derives from the Greek "strat" meaning "a soldier, an army" presumably becasue the little plants can grow in profusion and appear as an army in a grassy field(?)

Alabama Distribution:

Zeuxine strateumatica map

Photographs taken off Hwy. 27, Polk County, Fl., 2-13-03.

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