Symplocos tinctoria (L.) L'Her - Sweetleaf

Symplocos tinctoria plant

Family - Symplocaceae


Symplocos tinctoria stem


Symplocos tinctoria leaves




Symplocos tinctoria flowers

Flowering - February - June.

Habitat - Upland and alluvial woods, stream margins, hammocks, wet flatwoods, bottoms, sandhills.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This small tree can be found throughout Alabama and is common. The plant can be identified by its simple leaves, which have a sweet, pleasing scent when crushed. The flowers are distinct and have many stamens.
The genus name Symplocos derives from the Greek "symploc(o)" meaning "connected, interwoven" referring to the tufts of united stamens at the base of each flower petal.
The species epithet tinctoria derives from the Latin "tinct" meaning "dyed, tinged" referring to ?

Alabama Distribution:

Symplocos tinctoria map

Photographs taken at the Auburn University Arboretum, 3-6-05.

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