Sericocarpus tortifolius (Michx.) Nees - Whitetop Aster

Sericocarpus tortifolius plant

Family - Asteraceae


Sericocarpus tortifolius stem


Sericocarpus tortifolius leaves


Sericocarpus tortifolius inflorescenceCluster of immature flowers.


Sericocarpus tortifolius involucre

Ray flowers:


Disk flowers:

Sericocarpus tortifolius flowers

Flowering - August - October.

Habitat - Sandhills, flatwoods, hammocks, old fields, sandy soils.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This attractive species can be found in the southern half of Alabama. The plant can be identified by its habitat, pubescent stems, alternate, twisted leaves, and white ray and disk flowers.
The genus name Sericocarpus derives from the Greek "seric(o)" meaning "silk" and "carp(us)" meaning "fruit" referring to the silky hairy achenes of this genus.
The species epithet tortifolius derives from the Latin "tort(i)" meaning "twisted" and "foli" meaning "leaf" referring to the twisted leaves of the plant.

Alabama Distribution:

Sericocarpus tortifolius map

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 10, Lee County, AL., 10-2-04.

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