Rubus trivialis Michx. - Southern Dewberry

Rubus trivialis plant

Family - Rosaceae


Rubus trivialis stem


Rubus trivialis leaves


Rubus trivialis inflorescence


Rubus trivialis flower

Rubus trivialis calyx

Flowering - March - April.

Habitat - Dry open hammocks, old fields, deciduous forests, roadsides, railroads.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This species can be found throughout most of Alabama. The plant is one of the most common species of Rubus in the state. The large white flowers can be seen along nearly every roadside in the spring. The trailing stems and single-flowered peduncles make this species fairly easy to identify. A similar species, R. flagellaris, is less common in Alabama. This latter species has trailing stems that lack hispid hairs and peduncles that are typically unarmed.
The genus name Rubus is the classical Latin name for a bramble or blackberry.
The species epithet trivialis derives from the Latin "trivi" meaning "three ways, of crossroads, ordinary" referring to the abundance of the plant and its typical look for the genus.

Alabama Distribution:

Rubus trivialis map

Photographs taken in Lowndes County, AL., 4-9-05.

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