Photinia serratifolia (Desf.) Kalkm. - Taiwanese Photinia

Photinia serratifolia plant

Family - Rosaceae


Photinia serratifolia bark


Photinia serratifolia leaves


Photinia serratifolia inflorescence


Photinia serratifolia flower

Photinia serratifolia calyx

Flowering - March - May.

Habitat - Roadsides, old homesites. Also cultivated.

Origin - Native to Asia.

Other information - This attractive species can be found cultivated throughout much of Alabama but is only found escaped in handful of counties. The plant can be identified by its large, shiny leaves, and showy corymbs of small fragrant flowers. The leaves have serrulate margins. The flowers produce copious amounts of nectar and attract many flying insects.
The genus name Photinia derives from the Greek "phot(i)" meaning "light, shining" referring to the glossy adaxial leaf surface.
The species epithet serratifolia derives from the Latin "serr(at)" meaning "a saw" and "foli" meaning "a leaf" referring to the margins of the leaves.

Alabama Distribution:

Photinia serratifolia map

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 54, Lee County, AL., 3-23-06.

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