Cliftonia monophylla (Lam.) Sarg. - Black Titi

Cliftonia monophylla plant

Family - Cyrillaceae


Cliftonia monophylla stem


Cliftonia monophylla leaves


Cliftonia monophylla inflorescence


Cliftonia monophylla flower

Flowering - February - April.

Habitat - Acid swamps, bogs.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This attractive shrub can be found in the southern-most counties of Alabama. The plant can be identified by its habitat, shrubby habit, glossy green leaves (which are simple), and multiple inflorescences of white flowers. The plant can be found in the same habitat as many carnivorous species.
The genus name Cliftonia is apparently given in honor of William Clifton, the first attorney General of the state of Georgia, USA. Clifton was the first person able to practice law in the state. He served from 1754 to 1764.
The species epithet monophylla derives from the Greek "mon(o)" meaning "one, single" and "phyll" meaning "a leaf" referring to ?

Alabama Distribution:

Cliftonia monophylla map

Photographs taken at Conecuh National Forest, AL., 3-29-05.

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