Amelanchier arborea (Michx.) Fern. - Service Berry

Amelanchier arborea plant

Family - Rosaceae


Amelanchier arborea twigWinter twig.

Amelanchier arborea barkBark of mature tree.


Amelanchier arborea budsLeaf buds in winter.




Amelanchier arborea flower

Amelanchier arborea sepals

Flowering - March - May.

Habitat - Upland woods, glades, balds, alluvial woods, rocky woods.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This striking species can be found throughout Alabama but is less common in the coastal counties. The plant is one of the first trees to bloom in the spring and is easy to identify because of its many white flowers. The petals of the flowers are thinner and longer than most others in the rose family.
There are 4 other species if Amelanchier in Alabama but all are far less common than A. arborea.
The genus name Amelanchier comes from the Savoy province in southeastern France. In that province, the name Amelanchier is given as a common name to another tree species from the rose family, Mespilus germanica L.
The species epithet arborea dervies from the Latin "arbor" and means "tree-like".

Alabama Distribution:

Amelanchier arborea map

Photographs taken at Whetstone Creek Conservation Area, Callaway County, MO., 2-19-04, and at Dave Rock Conservation Area, St. Clair County, MO., 4-3-04.

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