Juncus difusissimus Buckley - Spreading Rush

Juncus diffusissimus plant

Family - Juncaceae


Juncus diffusissimus base


Juncus diffusissimus liguleStem and leaf ligule.


Juncus diffusissimus inflorescenceBase of inflorescence.


Juncus diffusissimus fruitsFruits.

Flowering - May - September.

Habitat - Margins of lakes and ponds, ditches, wet open ground.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This species can be found mainly in the northern half of Alabama and is probably more common than reported. The plant can be identified by its relatively few-flowered heads and widely spreading inflorescence. The mature fruting capsules are typically 2x the length of the perianth.
The plant photo above is of just a portion of the entire inflorescence. A typically inflorescence has many many branches and is typically more broad than tall.
The genus Juncus derives from the Latin "junc(us)" "meaning "a rush, reed" and is the classical Latin name for the genus.
The species epithet derives from the Latin "diffus(us)" meaning "loosely spreading" and "issim(a)" which is the superlative ending. The name means "the most diffuse" referring to the inflorescence.

Alabama Distribution:

Juncus diffusissimus map

Photographs taken off Hwy H, Shannon County, MO., 6-25-04.

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