Cyperus virens Michx. - Green Sedge

Cyperus virens plant

Family - Cyperaceae






Cyperus virens inflorescence


Cyperus virens spikelets

Cyperus virens spikelets

Flowering - July - October.

Habitat - Marshes, ditches, pond and lake margins.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This attractive sedge species can be found mainly in the southern half of Alabama but is probably more common than reported. The plant can be identified by its habitat and strongly compressed spikelets. The spikelets contain many small florets.
The genus name Cyperus is from the Greek "cyper(us)" meaning "a rush or sedge."
The species epithet virens derives from the Latin "vire(ns)" meaning "green" referring to the spikelets of this species.

Alabama Distribution:

Cyperus virens map

Photographs taken at Coon Creek, Tallapoosa County, AL., 10-8-06.

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