Sesbania punicea (Cav.) Benth. - Rattlebox

Sesbania punicea plant

Family - Fabaceae


Sesbania punicea stemTwig.

Sesbania punicea stemMature stem.




Sesbania punicea inflorescence


Sesbania punicea flower

Sesbania punicea calyx

Sesbania punicea fruitFruit.

Flowering - May - October.

Habitat - Moist disturbed sites, tidal marshes.

Origin - Native to South America.

Other information - This very attractive species can be found growing wild mainly in the southern half of Alabama. The plant is cultivated elsewhere. This is a shrub to small tree which reaches a height of +2m. The plant grows easily from seed and makes a fantastic garden specimen. It is easily identified by its bright red flowers and 4-winged fruits.
The genus name Sesbania is a latinized version of the old name "Sesban" of Arabic origin.
The species epithet punicea derives from the Latin "punic" meaning "purple, reddish" for the flowers.

Alabama Distribution:

Sesbania punicea map

Photographs taken at the Eufala National Wildlife Refuge, AL., 7-23-05.

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