Sarracenia rubra Walt. - Red Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia rubra plant

Family - Sarraceniaceae




Sarracenia rubra plant




Sarracenia rubra flower

Sarracenia rubra flower

Flowering - April - May.

Habitat - Bogs, savannahs, rarely along streams.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other information - This fantastic species can be found in a handful of central and southern Alabama counties. Two subspecies can be found in the state and are differentiated by leaf pitcher size and location. Subspecies wherryi (Case & R.B. Case) D. Schnell is found in the southern-most counties of the state. Subspecies alabamensis can be found in several counties from central Alabama and is clearly disjunct from the southern populations of subspecies wherryi.
The genus name Sarracenia is named for Dr. Michel Sarrasin de L'Etang (1659-1734). Sarrasin was the physician at the Court of Quebec. He sent the northern species of pitcher plants to Europe.

Alabama Distribution:

Sarracenia rubra map

Photographs taken in the Croatan National Forest, NC., 9-29-02, and at Fort Benning, GA., 5-15-05.

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