Hexastylis virginica (L.) Small - Heart Leaf, Wild Ginger

Hexastylis virginica plant

Family - Aristolochiaceae






Hexastylis virginica inflorescence


Hexastylis virginica flowers

Hexastylis virginica flower

Flowering - February - May.

Habitat - Deciduous forests, rocky slopes.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This species is rare in Alabama and its presence is questionable. It has been (questionably) reported from just one county thus far. The plant is much more common in states to the east. This species can be identified by its rounded, cordate leaves and reddish flowers, which are contracted near the apex and widest at the base. The calyx lobes are about 3-4mm long.
The genus name is derived from the Greek "hex(a)" meaning "six" and "styl", referring to the typically six stigmas(styles) of the plant.

Alabama Distribution:

Hexastylis virginica map

Photographs taken near Hanging Rock State Park, NC., 3-18-03.

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