Vernonia gigantea (Walt.) Trel. - Tall Ironweed

Vernonia gigantea plant

Family - Asteraceae


Vernonia gigantea stem


Vernonia gigantea leavesLower leaves.

Vernonia gigantea leaves




Vernonia gigantea involucre

Ray flowers:


Disk flowers:

Vernonia gigantea flowers

Flowering - August - November.

Habitat - Low ground, alluvial banks, bottoms, fields, marshes, swamp forests.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This tall species can be found throughout most of Alabama. This is a robust species with a loose, spreading inflorescence.
Plants in Alabama are represented by two subspecies, gigantea and ovalifolia.
The genus is named for William Vernon (16? - 1711). Vernon was an English botanist who studied plants in North America.
The species epithet derives from the Greek "giga(n)" meaning "giant" or "very large".

Alabama Distribution:

Vernonia gigantea map

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 54, Auburn, AL., 10-9-04.

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