Phlox drummondii Hook. - Annual Phlox

Phlox drummondii plant

Family - Polemoniaceae


Phlox drummondii stem






Phlox drummondii flower

Phlox drummondii calyx

Flowering - March - July.

Habitat - Disturbed sites, roadsides.

Origin - Native to Texas (USA), cultivated and escaped elsewhere.

Other information - This attractive species can be found in scattered counties throughout Alabama but is most common in the south-east portion of the state. It is a commonly planted roadside wildflower. The plant can be identified by its pubescent stems, alternate leaves, and big flowers. The flowers vary in color from white to purple but are typically pinkish. This is the only alternate-leaved Phlox in Alabama.
The genus name Phlox is the Greek word for "flame" and was the ancient name of another genus, Lychnis.
The species epithet drummondii is given for Thomas Drummond (1780-1836) who first described the plant. Drummond was responsible for the collection and description of may new North American plants.

Alabama Distribution:

Phlox drummondii map

Photographs taken off I-75 near Gainesville, FL., 3-20-05.

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