Oxalis rubra A. St.-Hil. - Windowbox Woodsorrel

Oxalis rubra plant

Family - Oxalidaceae




Oxalis rubra leafAdaxial surface of leaf.

Oxalis rubra leafAbaxial surface of leaf.

Oxalis rubra leafletClose-up of abaxial surface of leaflet.




Oxalis rubra calyxCalyx.

Oxalis rubra flowers

Flowering -

Habitat -

Origin - Native to South America.

Other information - This introduced species can be found scattered throughout Alabama. The plant can be identified by its deep pink flowers, lack of stems (acaulescent), pubescent petioles and pedicels, and tan callosities of oxalic acid crystals. These callosities can be found at the apices of the sepals and along the abaxial leaf margin. This species is quite striking and was first introduced as an ornamental.
The genus name Oxalis derives from the Greek "ox (a)" meaning "acid", referring to the sharp taste of the calcium oxalate crystals of the plant. "oxal (is)" is the ancient Greek name for the sorrels.
The species epithet derives from the Latin "rubr" meaning "red" although the flowers are more of a pink than red.

Alabama Distribution:

Oxalis rubra map

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 54, Auburn, AL., 10-9-04.

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