Liatris tenuifolia Nutt. - Short-leaf Gayfeather

Liatris tenuifolia plant

Family - Asteraceae


Liatris tenuifolia baseBase of plant.


Liatris tenuifolia stemCauline leaves.




Liatris tenuifolia involucre

Ray flowers:


Disk flowers:

Liatris tenuifolia flowers

Liatris tenuifolia pappusPappus.

Flowering - June - October.

Habitat - Sandhills, open hammocks, flatwoods.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This attractive species can be found mainly in southern Alabama. The plant can be easily identified by its mostly glabrous stems, appressed-ascending cauline leaves, and few-flowered flower heads.
The genus name Liatris is of unknown derivation.
The species epithet tenuifolia derives from the Latin "tenu(i)" meaning "thin, slender" and "foli" meaning "a leaf" referring to the thin leaves of the plant.

Alabama Distribution:

Liatris tenuifolia map

Photographs taken at Fort Benning, GA., 10-9-05.

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