Liatris aspera Michx.

Liatris aspera plant

Family - Asteraceae


Liatris aspera cormCorm.

Liatris aspera stem


Liatris aspera leaves

Liatris aspera plant basePlant base.


Liatris aspera inflorescence


Liatris aspera involucre

Liatris aspera involucre

Ray flowers:


Disk flowers:

Liatris aspera flowers

Flowering - July - October.

Habitat - Sandy or rocky woods, roadsides.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This attractive species is fairly uncommon in Alabama and is only found in a handful of scattered counties. The plant can be identified by its large corm, erect stems, big flower heads, and involute or cucullate involucre bracts. The plant is capable of growing to 2m tall but is frequently found much shorter. The pappus of the flowers is barbellate.
This species can often be found in dried floral arrangements.
The genus name Liatris is of unknown derivation.
The species epithet aspera derives from the Latin "asper" meaning "rough" referring to the hairs of the stem.

Alabama Distribution:

Liatris aspera map

Photographs taken off Hwy 60 and off Hwy C, Carter County, MO., 8-28-03, and at Homestead National Monument of America, NE., 8-16-06.

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