Gaillardia aestivalis (Walter) H. Rock - Lanceleaf Blanketflower

Gaillardia aestivalis plant

Family - Asteraceae


Gaillardia aestivalis stem


Gaillardia aestivalis leaves




Gaillardia aestivalis involucre

Ray flowers:


Disk flowers:

Gaillardia aestivalis flowersImmature flower head.

Gaillardia aestivalis flowersMature flower head.

Gaillardia_aestivalis_flowersFlower head with rays.

Gaillardia aestivalis fruitsFruits.

Flowering - July - November.

Habitat - Sandhills, Turkey Oak Woods.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This species can be found mainly in southern half of Alabama. The plant can be identified by its pubescent stems, alternate leaves, and mainly rayless flower heads. The plant does sometimes have yellowish to reddish ray flowers.
The genus name Gaillardia is given in honor of Gaillard de Charentonneau. Charentonneau was an 18th century French magistrate and amature botanist.
The species epithet aestivalis derives from the Latin "aestival" meaning "summer" referring to the blooming season of the plant.

Alabama Distribution:

Gaillardia aestivalis map

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 10, Lee County, AL., 8-25-04, and at Fort Benning, GA., 8-11-05.

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