Proserpinaca pectinata Lam.

Proserpinaca pectinata plant

Family - Haloragaceae




Proserpinaca pectinata leaves




Proserpinaca pectinata flowerFlower.

Proserpinaca pectinata fruitFruit.

Flowering - June - October.

Habitat - Bogs, savannahs, diches.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This little species can be found in a handful of southern counties. The plant can be identified by its habitat, pectinate leaves, and small, angled fruits.
According to Gray, the genus name Proserpinaca was a name used by Pliny for a Polygonum meaning "pertaining to Proserpina." The name was transferred to the present genus becasue of its ability to adapt to different habitat conditions. For more information on Proserpina, do a search on the web.
The species epithet pectinata derives from the Latin "pect(in)" meaning "a comb" referring to the leaves.

Alabama Distribution:

Proserpinaca pectinata map

Photographs taken in the Croatan National Forest, NC., 7-18-02.

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