Sacciolepis striata (L.) Nash - American Cupscale

Sacciolepis striata plant

Family - Poaceae


Sacciolepis striata node


Sacciolepis striata leaf baseLeaf base.

Sacciolepis striata ligule


Sacciolepis striata inflorescence


Sacciolepis striata spikelets

Flowering - July - November.

Habitat - Marshes, lakes, ponds.

Origin - Native to North America, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

Other information - This species has been reported mainly in counties of the southern portion of the state but is probably found in counties throughout the state. The plant is easy to identify becasue of its wet habitat and many oblong spikelets.
The genus name Sacciolepis derives from the Latin "sacc(i)" meaning "a sack" and the Greek "lepi(s)" meaning "A scale" referring to the inflated second glume.
The species epithet stariata derives from the Latin "stria(t)" meaning "streak, a furrow, with lines" perhaps referring to the longitudinal lines (nerves) of the second glume and fertile lemma.

Alabama Distribution:

Sacciolepis striata map

Photographs taken at Coon Creek, Tallapoosa County, AL., 10-18-06.

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