Clematis reticulata Walt. - Netleaf Leather Flower

Clematis reticulata plant

Family - Ranunculaceae


Clematis reticulata stem


Clematis reticulata leaf




Clematis reticulata flower

Clematis reticulata flower

Flowering - May - August.

Habitat - Dry sandy woods, savannahs.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This striking plant can be found mainly in southeastern Alabama. The plant can be identified by its angled, vining stems, rounded leaflets, and purple flowers. The leaflets of the leaves are thick and have reticulate venation.
The genus name Clematis derives from the Greek "clem(a)(tis)" meaning "a twig, vine cutting" and was a name used by Dioscorides to describe a climbing plant with long, thin branches.
The species epithet reticulata derives from the Latin "reticul" meaning "a network" and describes the net-like venation of the leaflets.

Alabama Distribution:

Clematis reticulata map

Photographs taken at Fort Benning, GA., 6-6-05.

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