Viola walteri House - Prostrate Blue Violet

Viola walteri plant

Family - Violaceae


Viola walteri stem


Viola walteri leaves

Viola walteri stipuleStipule.




Viola walteri calyx

Viola walteri flower

Flowering - March - May.

Habitat - Dry hammocks, rocky woods, rich woods.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This small species can be found mainly in central Alabama. The plant can be identified by its trailing stems, rounded leaves, fimbriate stipules, and blue flowers. The stems root at the nodes and Radford mentions that the plant perhaps represents a transition between the caulescent and acaulescent violets. This is one of the earlier violets to bloom.
The genus name Viola is the classical Latin name for the Violets.
The species epithet walteri is given in honor of Thomas Walter (~1745-1800). Walter was born in Hampshire, England and moved to the United States as an adult. He owned a plantation in South Carolina and studied plants as a hobby. In 1788 he published his "Flora Caroliniana."

Alabama Distribution:

Viola walteri map

Photographs taken at Bibb County Glades, AL., 3-5-05.

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