Eurybia hemispherica (Alexander) G.L. Nesom - Southern Prairie Aster

Aster hemisphericus plant

Family - Asteraceae


Aster hemisphericus stem


Aster hemisphericus leaves




Aster hemisphericus involucre

Ray flowers:

Aster hemisphericus flowers

Disk flowers:

Aster hemisphericus disk

Flowering - August - December.

Habitat - Glades, barrens, rocky woods, prairies.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This species can be found in a few scattered counties throughout Alabama and is uncommon. The plant can be identified by its woody rootstock, thin, sessile leaves, and large flower heads. The involucre of this species has thick phyllaries which typically spread at the tips.
The genus name Eurybia is given in honor of a Greek goddess. Eurybia was married to the titan Crius and gave birth to three known offspring Astraios, Perses, and Pallas. She was a minor Sea Goddess under the dominion of Poseidon. Her parents were Pontos and Gaia.
The species name hemispherica derives from the Greek "hemi" meaning "one-half" and "spher" meaning " a ball, sphere" possibly referring to the receptacle of the flowers?
A synonym is Aster hemisphericus Alexander.

Alabama Distribution:

Aster hemisphericus map

Photographs taken at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, AR., 9-2-06.

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