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Photographs and information for
the plants of Alabama, USA

The goal of this website is to provide the user with the necessary
information to identify plants found growing wild within the political
boundaries of the state of Alabama, USA. Some commonly cultivated
plants are also included as they can often be found growing near old
homesites and appear wild.
It is hoped that by January 1, 2010 this site will contain the vast
majority of plants found in Alabama. When finished, this site should be
the most complete and readily available identification source for
the Alabama flora anywhere.

Plants are categorized based on flower color and leaf orientation.
Click on the categories below to see thumbnails of the plants in that category.

If you wish to skip the thumbnails, click here to go directly to the list of
all the plants on this website.

~350 plants to date

The Categories:

White flower Opposite White flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

White flower Alternate White flowers, Leaves alternate

Pink flower Opposite Pink flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Pink flower Alternate Pink flowers, Leaves alternate

Red flower Opposite Red flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Red flower AlternateRed flowers, Leaves alternate

Blue flower Opposite Blue or Purple flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Blue flower Alternate Blue or Purple flowers, Leaves alternate

Yellow flower Opposite Yellow flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Yellow flower Alternate Yellow flowers, Leaves alternate

Green flower Opposite Greenish flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Green flower Alternate Greenish flowers, Leaves alternate

Other animation Flowers of other colors

Fern No flowers, plants reproducing by spores

Cyperus Sedges and Rushes

Grass Grasses

Flowers in catkins

List of all the plants on this site



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